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Mr. George Toba affectionately known to his friends and fans as Big G by the very nature of his existence was born a leader and a humanitarian. With a career in music that began in 2001 With a style of Music the not only is entertaining but also aims to teach the Massages of Africanisms, the love of Africa, the fact that we are all responsible for our own lives we are our own leaders and we have a responsibility to ourselves to live our best lives respecting and loving one another. Born to serve he has served in many spheres of government and has archived great educational qualifications. To name but s few 1) Bachelor Of Development and Management (NWU) 2) Bachelor Of Honors in Public Governance(NWU) 3) NQF Level 6 Municipal finance Management 4) NQF Level 9 Public Finance Management and Fiscal Management And still going strong

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